5 Health Benefits From Drinking Sparkling Water

5 Health Benefits From Drinking Sparkling Water

The effervescent nature of carbonated or sparkling water not just makes it a refreshing beverage but also provides you with a number of health benefits. Here are some of the most impressive benefits of sparkling water:


1. It Hydrates Your Body

Sparkling water hydrates your body as well as regular water.  Drinking about 64 ounces of sparkling water daily will help meet your hydration needs. 

2. It Relieves Upset Stomach

Sparkling water can help relieve stomach problems, such as nausea and indigestion. In a study conducted on people who drank carbonated water and regular water, it was found that those who drank carbonated water experienced reduced indigestion. Many people rely on sparkling water to reduce nausea as well.

3. It Treats Constipation

You are constipated if you have fewer than three bowel movements a week. When you have constipation, you may also experience gas, bloating, and painful bowel movements. One of many sparkling water benefit is that it helps alleviate constipation. Research shows that people who drink carbonated water has less constipation as compared to people who drink regular water.

4. It Lowers Blood Pressure

It helps lower your blood pressure because it contains magnesium. If you have high blood pressure and low magnesium levels in your blood, you may benefit from drinking sparkling water. 

5. Healthy Alternative To Soda

Carbonated water is a little more exciting than still water, but if you’re a soda drinker trying to make the transition to the healthier beverage, jazzing it up with some flavor enhancers might help. Add a spritz of lemon, or lime to your fizzy water for a touch of flavor. If that’s not enough, mix in a little juice, such as cranberry or orange, for a little sweetness. You can also make flavored carbonated drinks with slices of orange or cucumber or sprigs of mint.


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