There are no acceptable levels of contaminants in the water your children drink

In the current issue of Green Parent Magazine we explain why there are no acceptable levels of contaminants in the water your children drink.

Evidence supports the role of heavy metals in causing autism, PDD and ADHD.  These children often have biochemical impairments that put them at greater risk for damage caused by heavy metal accumulation.

In 2016 Harvard University published a study that more than six million people in the US drink and use water that is contaminated with heavy metals and deadly toxins. Harvard  warns the figures are likely woeful underestimates, since government data does not account for a third of the country – and therefore omits around 100 million people.

In fact, tap water contains a myriad of impurities including chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, hormones and medications. Bottled water is damaging to the environment and still contains impurities. Luckily, there is a solution to safe hydration – The Quatreau Tap.

Our RODI (reverse osmosis with de-ionisation) tap water purifier  fits under your kitchen sink and designed specifically for treating  tap water, removing 99.99% of organic and inorganic impurities, ensuring a safe source of drinking water for your family.

Do you want your children to avoid toxins and impurities? Do your children find tap water unpalatable? Quatreau Tap is the answer.  With Quatreau Tap your children will enjoy the taste of pure h20 and with the purest instant sparkling water they will enjoy creating their own alternatives to unhealthy soda. Check out our blog for our favorite sparkling water recipes.