Pure Water At Any Port

Ask any ten boaters what they think of their on board freshwater quality and at least half of them will admit to not using it for drinking purposes. Yet keeping on board water supplies good tasting and drinkable isn’t rocket science but it can be a daunting process.

Water system problems manifest themselves in several ways. Aesthetics, where the water either looks bad, tastes bad, smells bad or any combination of the three. On the other hand, the water could be contaminated with bacteria, cysts or chemicals. Since water comes to the boat tanks from any number of sources, keeping the water safe and drinkable requires some common sense, some equipment and some dedication of time and effort on an ongoing basis.

Many rely on bottled water, which takes up space and is not environmentally friendly. Bottled water is the biggest marketing scam to date. Many consumers are unaware of how water is regulated. The truth may surprise and anger you.  (read about it here)

The Quatreau Tap System removes 99.9% or organic and inorganic materials delivering the world’s purest water from your tap. The Quatreau’s four functions will deliver the purest instant boiling, instant chilled and instant sparkling water. Not only will your water taste better but so will your food. Contact us to find out why The Quatreau Tap System is the redefining water. On land and sea.