What’s in Your Glass (or bottle)

chill waterWhy Choose Quatreau Tap System?

We think of Pure H2O as the equivalent of organic food – free from the myriad of pesticides, chemicals and other contaminants and impurities found in tap (and even bottled) water.

We believe there are no acceptable levels of contaminants and impurities in the water you drink, understanding that pure water is the foundation of good health. That’s why we produce the world’s most efficient and effective RODI (reverse osmosis with de-ionisation) tap water purifiers that neatly fit under your kitchen sink to produce 99.99% pure water that tastes great and supports your wellbeing.

With the Quatreau Tap, you can have the purest instant boiling, instant chilled and instant sparkling water. Delivered by the only multi-functional touch screen tap.