More than half of children are dehydrated

dehydrated childResearchers for the American Journal of Public Health* have found that ‘more than half’ of children are dehydrated, leading to symptoms such as irritability, headaches, poor physical performance and reduced cognitive functioning.

Boys fare worse in the hydration stakes than girls, with around 76% of them dehydrated, according to the study.

Nearly a quarter of children aged six to 19 admitted to NEVER drinking plain water at all.

We can hazard a guess as to what the problem is – the relatively cheap and certainly very easy availability of fruit juices and sugary carbonated drinks – but also, children often just don’t like the taste of tap water.

And who can blame them? Many adults struggle to keep themselves properly hydrated, with tap water often tasting chlorinated, and concerns about levels of pesticides, chemicals, traces of medications and hormones.

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Fill up (non-plastic) water bottles for your kids packed lunch boxes, trips out and keep one in the car during the school run. And if they insist on “soda” let them add fresh fruit to our instant sparkling water. A healthier alternative for your family.